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The All New Apple MacBook Air Full Review


Hey guys how are you all…So We’ve been waiting for this to happen for years. And it’s finally here. This normal-looking MacBook Air has something completely new inside. An Apple M1 processor instead of an Intel processor. This transition is a huge deal, and Apple is making huge claims. And this is the new entry-level […]

The All New Apple Home Pod Mini Review

Home Pod

Hey, guys how are you all…So apple’s home pod is a bit of tough sell when it launched in 2018 the 350 dollars. Speaker was far more expensive than the amazon echo or google home and Siri was less capable than Alexa or google assistant. One thing was undeniable though the home pod sounded excellent […]

The All New PlayStation 5 Launch Day Failure


Hey, guys how are you all…So the Xbox is going to win this generation the console wars PlayStation has failed. So I thought I would tell you guys about this. It is interesting from the technology professional’s standpoint scene. That the PlayStation 5 subway supplies are shipping with a few glitches. But to be clear […]

The All New Play Station 5 With Full Review

Play Station

Hey, guys how are you all…So after a generation of figuratively towering above its rivals. With the monstrously successful PlayStation 4. One thing is certain Sony’s new generation contender will also loom large over its peers. Literally, this thing is massive however what the Play station 5 lacks in subtlety it. More than makes up […]