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2- US Airlines Defer Serving Alcohol On Board

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American Airlines & Southwest Airlines will not sell alcohol in-flight. Both these Airlines have deferred offering alcoholic beverages & their management have taken this decision on May 24 after the incidents of passengers manhandling and assaulting crew members have increased. This decision is taken for the safety of the crew onboard and the convenience of the passengers during air travel. 

This week, a  lady Flight Attendant of Southwest Airlines sustained injuries on her face and got her teeth broken when a passenger manhandled and assaulted her in-flight. 

Southwest Airlines had planned to sell alcoholic beverages from June on Hawaii flights and on other flights from July this year.

USA Airlines

American Airlines has also deferred the plan of serving alcohol till Sept.13 when the Federal Mandate of wearing masks during air travel expires.  

Despite the number of passengers, on-board is limited, yet there is a considerable surge in the incidents of misbehavior, manhandling, assault and violence against crew members. According to the Federal Aviation Administration, about 2500 incidents of violence and refusal to wear masks during air travel were reported. Between April & May, different airlines have reported 475 incidents of misbehavior.

Earlier, some Airlines had suspended serving alcohol in-flight in January 2020 in view of minimizing crew–passenger contact due to Covid-19. This was also unavoidable due to the mandate to wear a mask in flight. These airlines have substituted water for serving alcohol. They include; 

  • American Airlines – USA
  • Delta Airlines – USA
  • Southwest – USA
  • Virgin Australia – Asia
  • KLM – Europe
  • EasyJet – Europe

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