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Month: October 2020

The All New iOS 14 With Its New Features

Hey guys how are you all… so today’s article is about the all-new iOS 14 with its new features. There are features that apple tells you about then there are features that Apple doesn’t tell you. But most people know then there are features that nobody knows. And then there are these features these truly […]

Amazon Echo Dot 4th Gen launched 2020

Echo Dot

Hey, guys how are you all…So Finally, we have the newly launched echo dot fourth generation. Now, this really looks like a dot literally from every angle. So there is the white colour unit which looks like light grey and not completely whit. Like the previous echo dot very familiar fabric mesh on the top […]

Tesla’s 7 Day Return Policy is Quietly Removed…


Tesla’s seven-day return policy has been quietly removed. And the no question asked return policy is no more there. Tesla has reportedly cancelled an audacious return policy. In which new buyers of its tesla electric vehicles could return them. For a full refund within seven days after you buy your car the news actually. Reported […]