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Amazon Echo Dot 4th Gen launched 2020

Echo Dot
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Hey, guys how are you all…So Finally, we have the newly launched echo dot fourth generation. Now, this really looks like a dot literally from every angle. So there is the white colour unit which looks like light grey and not completely whit. Like the previous echo dot very familiar fabric mesh on the top that we see on all the echo devices. Here we have the same four buttons placed very strategically a little behind giving it a more clean look. The setup action button the volume up and down button and the Mic mute button.

The red ring light up looks amazing talking about the mic. There are no visible mics on the new echo dot unlike we saw on all the previous echo speakers. They’re hidden somewhere behind the mesh towards the back is the power input and3.5 aux out. So you can connect it to any external speaker or home theatre system using a simple aux cable. The iconic ring light on the Alexa speaker. Which was usually on the top is now at the bottom now. It looks amazing.


Below the ring cars light on the table, it’s placed on and it looks so beautiful. The size of the echo dot is about a season cricket ball or maybe a tad bigger. And it weighs around 342 grams light enough for you. To move it to a different room or a kitchen when you need it but no internal battery. To use it outdoors so if you’re looking for an echo speaker with built-in battery. Check out the echo input portable If you are considering to buy the first echo speaker.


Echo Dot

You need to know two things first an internet connection needed. To use an echo device you can also use your mobile hotspot. To run the echo speaker and secondly you can speak to it in English and with other languages. Which means it also could be a great gift for your grandparents too you can change the language in the Alexa. App settings the echo speaker supports two way Bluetooth.

Which means you can connect your phone to the Echo speaker. And play music from the speaker and secondly, you can connect the echo speaker to your home. Theatre system or soundbar and the sound will come from the soundbar.

And the music system which is great for house parties so this two-way Bluetooth thing is going to be very helpful. For many of us, the echo supports a lot of music streaming apps amazon music will work. If you have a prime membership. This smart speaker controls your smart home devices it’s a voice assistant. You can ask for the weather general trivia questions set reminders set timers.

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