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Paying for Amazon Prime just got more pricey that is if you pay month-to-month. Amazon is raising the monthly fee for prime by two dollars. It’s now $12.99 up from 1099 the student rate went up by one dollar now it is six dollars. And forty-nine cents the higher prices kick in a month from now. On February 18th but if you pay for the Prime membership and one big yearly lump sum. Well, that cost will not increase it’s still $99 a year so what that means is if you pay months a month.

You’re really paying about fifty-seven dollars more in the long run now. Amazon has this month-to-month option as a way to appeal to a broader set of customers. Who wants more flexibility to try out the benefits which include free shipping and access to a library of video and music to stream. It’s estimated that 90 million American households have Prime. Now analysts see this increase as no surprise prime shoppers. Spend twice as much as non-prime shoppers buying little things.


More often without paying for shipping yet at the same time. Amazon is having to deal with the cost of shipping fees increasing this isn’t the first time prime prices went up prime. Began in2005 and it used to cost $79 but in 2014 and went up to 99 bucks. A year well the new prices change your mind about paying for. Netflix is standard service Amazon is taking the battle against Netflix. Pretty seriously as it also invests in more original shows Amazon’s also making updates to the Amazon Echo smart speaker. It continuously adds new support for different apps such as letting you give it voice commands.

To control different smart home appliances or control music on Spotify. Even book an uber car but now the speaker can answer questions a parent may have about their child’s health. Like what they should do if there’s a fever how much medication is safe to give the echo.

Also works with the home advisor app so you can talk to the speaker to hire a plumber or another handyman service. And just a few quick updates to mention before. We wrap Microsoft Skype video calls now work without needing to download any plug-in. That is if you’re using the Microsoft Edge browser folk son Chrome Safari Firefox. And old internet explorer so you download a plug-in to do a chat over the website. And LinkedIn just launched a new app for college students. It’s simply called LinkedIn students it helps connect students with alumni and resources. To help in the job search it even shows you what other graduates at your school are doing with their degrees. Now so things are looking depressing you could still change course. Let us know in the comments what guys you think about this.


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