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Apple is Launching Arm-based MacBook Air & Pro Laptops

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Hey, guys how are you all…So Apple has just announced another event on November 10th. Titled this is one of the most important events that apple has ever hosted the all-new game-changing apple silicon max. That apple announced back in June when they said that they’ll be releasing. The first of these macs before the end of the year well this event is precisely for that they’re going to spend a good amount of time.

Talking about the history of the mac they’re going to announce the release date of their new mac os 11. And then they’ll reveal the new family of apple silicon chips based on the a14 bionic chip. Which will be going into some new mac books and future macs. And we know we’re getting MacBooks for sure because of apple’s invitation teaser. For this event which shows an apple logo opening up like a MacBook. If you don’t know about these new chips these are going to be replacing the Intel chips that Apple has been using for the mac.

For many years now so essentially future max will be powered by the same type of chip. That you already have in your iPhone or your iPad now there are a few benefits to this. The main one is that these chips use a much simpler architecture compared to the complex x86 architecture. That traditional Intel chips use because of this they get a huge boost in performance per watt. Which leads to much better battery life and less heat output. Currently, even MacBook like the 2020 MacBook air has overheating problems.




And loud fans and all of that is going away thanks to these new apple silicon chips. The multi-core performance is almost as high as the a12 z chip but the shocking part is that the new four-core graphics in the a14 is more powerful. Than the a12z’s eight-core graphics which shows us just how good this new 5-nanometer architecture is and based on our own estimates. The new a14x chip has the potential of outperforming apple’s 240016-inch Mac book pro in terms of graphics power.

Which is absolutely insane now getting into the products based on recent rumours. We should most likely expect two different macs to revealed. And released at this event the first one rumoured to be entry-level. Mac book that’s meant to replace the current 13-inch Mac book air now. This could either be a revival of the 12-inch MacBook. That apple discontinued last year or it could use the same body as a 13-inch MacBook Air. But they could simply just call it the apple mac book and it’s going to be getting the a14xchip that will likely be rebranded with a new name. So this is all about the new MacBook.

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