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Hey, how are you all today I am excited to tell you that how to make your own TV channel using Amazons fire stick… As well as Roku streaming media now here’s the really cool thing there are millions of people. Like that could actually download the channel as long as they have access to Amazon. To actually buy it the same is true for Roku let me tell you what I’m talking about here the channel it’s called book marketing TV. And but the cool thing about it is you can put your content on a channel and really reach a whole new group of people.

That probably have never heard of you before and would never have found you but for you being on one of these platforms. Because this is a brand new platform or new as compared to something like YouTube or some other type of social media platform.

For example, now the great thing about it is more and more people are cutting the cord of their cable. And getting streaming devices like Fire TV and Roku sticks. And even Roku enabled televisions literally millions of people jumping on to. That bandwagon that spells a huge opportunity for you and when you think about the ground floor opportunity.

Roku’s Subscribers

That exists here really the sky is the limit and the beautiful thing about this whole thing is that you could actually do. This at a very low cost it’s not quite free but it is super low cost to get on both of these platforms. Amazon fire tv users just hit 40 million active users. And when you add that together with the 32 million active users on Roku this is a huge trend. With more and more people cutting the cord to their cable subscriptions.

And to their satellite television in lieu of using some kind of streaming TV. And if your content is on these platforms as these numbers grow. That’s what it’s all about to let’s jump into starting an amazon fireTV channel right now. One other important thing before we head over to the Amazon fire TV channels creation. I do want to just point out that in order to do this with showcases.

You will need the Vimeo Pro account and it’s normally $24 a month for the account. However, you could find coupon codes by just simply applying coupon codes and pretty easily and plentifully fine coupon codes. For up to 15% off so it will cost you about 244 dollars or $245 essentially per year. To keep a Vimeo Pro account but there are lots of advantages to a Vimeo Pro account. if you do any kind of video work anyway and certainly a small price to pay. To have two channels on two of the growing trending streaming media outlets available on the planet.


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