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Microsoft confirms compact, $299 Xbox Series S console

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On Monday evening, Microsoft officially announced the Xbox Series S. The system will cost $299 in the US and Microsoft calls the smallest Xbox ever. Xbox UK has also confirmed that the system will cost £250 there.

In a post on the Xbox Twitter account, Microsoft touted the Series S as “next-gen performance in the smallest Xbox ever.”

It’s design looks exactly like the leaked image that surfaced on September 7. It’s a small compact white rectangle with a minimalist design and missing a disc drive. The front comes with features like USB port, a power button and a sync button for the controller.

Microsoft has not officially confirmed the release date for Xbox Series S.

As we know the Series X is coming in November. As per Windows Central, both the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X will release on November 10, with the Series X selling for $499.

Xbox Series S Features List (Leaked)
  • All-digital
  • DirectX ray tracing
  • Variable rate shading
  • Variable refresh rate
  • Ultra-low latency
  • 1440p at up to 120 FPS
  • Custom 512 GB SSD
  • 4K streaming media playback
  • 4K upscaling for games
Here are the key differences we know about so far:


  • Xbox Series S is around 60% smaller than the Xbox Series X.
  • Series S is digital only whereas Series X features a disc drive for 4K Blu-rays.
  • Series S supports upto 1440p resolution and 120 FPS, with 4K upscaling for games. On the other hand Series X will support up to 4K and 8K.
  • Series S is 512GB custom SSD solution whereas Series X is double at 1TB.

Xbox Series S will support many of the Xbox Series X features – including DirectX ray tracing, variable rate shading, variable refresh rate, ultra-low latency response time, and 4K media streaming support. And yes, it’ll also support Xbox Game Pass.

All of these were confirmed in a leaked video by _h0x0d_ on Twitter:

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