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Tesla’s 7 Day Return Policy is Quietly Removed…

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Tesla’s seven-day return policy has been quietly removed. And the no question asked return policy is no more there. Tesla has reportedly cancelled an audacious return policy. In which new buyers of its tesla electric vehicles could return them. For a full refund within seven days after you buy your car the news actually. Reported yesterday by electric makes an end to one of CEO Elon musk’s flashier marketing strategies. Now I don’t know if other car companies have a seven-day return policy.

The other car makers gas car makers under other companies. And why is this policy a flashier marketing strategy Elon musk has used the seven-day return policy… As a way to boast about tesla’s high customer satisfaction rates with the so confident. New buyers would be happy with their buyers that they wouldn’t take Tesla up on its bold offer. Which is practically unheard of in the standard automobile industry the policy also bolstered the idea.

That tesla cars are like consumer electronics products you could order and customize them online. And have them delivered to your door like an amazon package. And then return it if you are unsatisfied indeed an innovative way of marketing. So can order if you remember in 2019 there was a conversation on Twitter Elon Musk tweeted on April 23 of 2019.



Tesla’s New Model

That the new model s has 370 miles and 595-kilometre range and had the information on tesla’s website of the new model s. And Elon Musk also said that you can order the new model as online in two minutes. For home delivery and quote-unquote return in seven days for a full refund. This was on April 23 of 2019.

Now electric doesn’t list a concrete as on for why tesla removed the policy. Only reporting that it removed sometime yesterday and any mention of it is now scrubbed from the company’s website. So if you go to that now if you go to that page on teslas.

Tesla.com where they have the information. That Elon musk shared on April 23 you can find all the information about models and 375 miles. Long-range model s actually but you will not see anything about returning in seven days. So electric also reports that the new buyers wishing to return. A tesla vehicle will now have to go through the customer service department.

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