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The All New Apple Home Pod Mini Review

Home Pod
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Hey, guys how are you all…So apple’s home pod is a bit of tough sell when it launched in 2018 the 350 dollars. Speaker was far more expensive than the amazon echo or google home and Siri was less capable than Alexa or google assistant. One thing was undeniable though the home pod sounded excellent two and a half years later. Apple is expanding its lineup with the home pod mini a tiny spherical speaker priced at 100.

That promises great audio quality and improved series smarts at the same time google and amazon. Both released updates to their speaker line up with similar promises of better sound. At the same price considering how dumb on amazon and google are the home pod menu success is far from assured. But after spending a few weeks of it apple might have hit on the right formula this time small gadgets are often undeniably.

Good and that’s the case for the Homepod mini holding the small speaker feels like holding an orange albeit one with a flat bottom and top. It was only 3.3 inches tall and just under 4 inches wide despite its ball-like shape the home pod mini. Feels quite similar to its larger sibling with a fabric cover that comes in white or space grey rubber bottom. And glossy plastic top the home pod mini meant to blend into your environment. And its small size means it’s easy to tuck away anywhere. You won’t like amazon’s new spherical design for its echo lineup. The round shape takes a little getting used to and some may not care for it.

Home Pod


But it’s fairly inoffensive to your eyes setting up the original pod was easy and that’s the case here. As well just plug in the speaker and bring your iPhone or Ipad near it’ll automatically detect the device. And guide you through setup once that’s done you can start asking the pod. Mini to play music from your Apple music account before getting into Siri’s broader capabilities as a voice assistant. It works well for music control despite the home pod mini small size. It does include four microphones which meant it reliably responded to hey Siri. Requests even if the music was pretty loud if you don’t feel like dealing with Siri Apple claims.

The home pod mini will offer quote amazing sound. But the diminutive speaker has a few challenges to overcome compared to its competitors. For starters, it’s a much smaller speaker than amazon’s new echo or google’s nest audio. Although people won’t care about how the home pod mini optimizes its sound. Though they only care if it sounds good…its good for them so that’s all for today’s article.

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