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The All New Apple MacBook Air Full Review

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Hey guys how are you all…So We’ve been waiting for this to happen for years. And it’s finally here. This normal-looking MacBook Air has something completely new inside. An Apple M1 processor instead of an Intel processor. This transition is a huge deal, and Apple is making huge claims. And this is the new entry-level MacBook Pro, which also has an M1 processor. Now people have thousands of questions Will the M1 be faster? Will battery life be better? Well, apps designed for Intel run better on this ARM-based Apple chip? And is running iOS app son the Mac weird or good? Did Apple do everything that it needs to do to make this transition basically? And the stakes are high.

The MacBook Air is Apple’s most popular laptop. And this version looks identical to the last MacBook and it starts at the same price,$999 for the eight gig model. This unit here is $1650 with 16 gigs of RAM and a terabyte of storage. But you know, one thing that you can’t spec out, an Intel version of the MacBook Air. They’re only selling the M1 version now. It’s a big bet. You can still get a 13 inch MacBook Pro with an Intel chip. But the entry-level 13 inch MacBook Pro with two ports has the exact same M1 ship as Dieter’s MacBook Air. And it starts at the same $1299 as before. This one is $1,900, with 16 gigs of RAM and one terabyte of storage. Those prices aren’t that different from before. And this is still the base model. The best way to think about it is as a MacBook Air.



With a fan so that the M1can run hotter for longer, since the Pro and the Air are so similar, and since the real news here is the M1. These computers are incredible. Apple is making its own Mac chips now using the same technology it uses for iPhone and iPad chips. That means these Macs pick up the things that Apple is good at on those computers. They’re very fast, yet manage to have great battery life. It also means they can run iPhone and iPad apps, which is interesting, but there’s a potential hiccup. These are ARM processors, which are a completely different instruction set than Intel processors. At the most basic level, apps designed for Intel can’t run on ARM. You need special translation software, and a lot can go wrong there. On Windows, Microsoft solution is emulation, and it means that Intel apps are slow.

And that they kill what would otherwise be pretty good battery life. On these Macs, Apple has a translation layer called Rosetta Two. All that under the hood stuff is important for understanding what happens when you push these machines. But in just regular day-to-day use, you guys don’t have to worry about any of it because these computers are fast, no matter what kind of app that you use. This MacBook Air is the most impressive laptop till now. The only question left is how fast Apple can bring these chips to every other Mac.

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