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The All New iOS 14 With Its New Features

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Hey guys how are you all… so today’s article is about the all-new iOS 14 with its new features. There are features that apple tells you about then there are features that Apple doesn’t tell you. But most people know then there are features that nobody knows. And then there are these features these truly are hidden features for iOS 14.

There are so many hidden features but honestly, most of them are pretty irrelevant for our daily lives. Brand new hidden album feature inside of the Photos app on iOS 13 you had a hidden album in your photos app. And then they were supposedly like secret photos but then somebody could come on your phone. And see the hidden album so they could just tap and then see your hand and photo. So it’s not technically hidden photos but now with this update you actually have a toggle inside of settings.

iOS 14


That will hide your hidden album so like your hidden album will be actually hidden hopefully that made sense. It’s amazing main apple features that apple talked about and how to make the iOS 14 actually really useful. Siri is now smarter with iOS 14 because you can now send voice messages through Siri on message. So it’s pretty cool you just say send a voice message to Siri like hello I am Kevin to the iOS 14 feature. That lets you use Siri and voice messages send now with this update in the apple you can zoom a lot more inside of photos. So if you want to see a detail of a specific photo the weather app got very small.

But very useful new feature so in iOS 14 before when you wanted to check the weather of a city. You would have to search for the city and then add the city and then you would have to look. But now with this update, you can just search. And then you can just look at it and you don’t have to actually add it to your weather library. You can just look at it and appreciate the place or the view. So this is all about the new iOS 14.

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