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The All New PlayStation 5 Launch Day Failure

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Hey, guys how are you all…So the Xbox is going to win this generation the console wars PlayStation has failed. So I thought I would tell you guys about this. It is interesting from the technology professional’s standpoint scene. That the PlayStation 5 subway supplies are shipping with a few glitches. But to be clear people will probably still buying the PlayStation 5.You know a month or so from now I recommend to people when new types of technology come out especially. When it’s a product that’s going to be around for years and years and years and years is generally. Don’t buy the launch day version of the product it’s important to understand. When products are being built whether they’re Playstations or Xboxes or new dell computers right there’s. A whole process for building that particular electronic device and you know they refine that process.

The longer they manufacture that device so you know the PlayStation. You buy today will look and seem to be exactly like the PlayStation. That you’ll buy a year from now but on the back end from the manufacturing side there. Maybe a lot of modifications right they may find out that certain. Capacitors that they were originally purchased failed. Before they supposed to they may find that certain components you know.




They are not they may rate for whatever standard within the electronics. But they just don’t perform how they’re supposed to and so one of the things is when you look at a PlayStation 5. As time goes by they’ll go in they’ll modify the manufacturing process they’ll modify these tiny little parts. Again everybody focuses on the process or the storage and the big stuff again. They don’t think about diodes and capacitors and resistors. And just a little crap on the system board and so when you purchase a device essentially on launch day.

You’re literally getting the first mass-produced version of that device. And it may just have problems may just have issues again with the manufacturing process. Something you have to think about is you know that whole thing of if you have a 1 % failure rate. So if you have 1 failure rate and you sell 100 devices that mean one device failed.

If you sell a thousand devices it means 10 devices failed right if you sell a million devices that means 10000 devices fail. Which again you know 1% or less than 1% that might be that may be good. But you’re going to have a lot of pissed off people and if you’re one of the people that roll the 100 on that 100-sided die. You may be sitting there with a crappy machine so one of my recommendations is simply don’t buy on launch day.

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