Samsung S20
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Hey, what’s up guys this is Samsung new flagship with the Galaxy S 20. It’s like that they’re catching up the name to the year so 2020 Samsung Galaxy S 20. If you went to Samsung and just asked what’s the most important phone that you guys make every year. What’s the most influential phone in your lineup will be this it will be the new Samsung Galaxy flagship. This is the phone that the average person sees as the Android iPhone competitor as the big nemesis. And when you have such a big reputation to protect you tend to not take as many risks you want to make the right safe moves in the right places.

And then take the risks with other phones. Samsung made some moves with this phone and they’re all around pretty great it’s a new high refresh rate display a bigger battery. A new camera system and 5g pretty simple safe but all good moves so I’ll start with the display. Because it’s the best upgrade I like high refresh rate displays and there were naysayers. But now we’re all slowly I guess realizing how good it is now Samsung on board with the galaxy s20. And we’ve got a superfluid 120 Hertz display it also points 1 inch bigger and flattened out. A bit on the edges so this is the biggest best change for the galaxy s 20 it is having the game supports.


The Visuals

120 Hertz it’s a whole another level guys it feels so different from regular games that you just fall in love immediately. There are certain types of games also that take that look better at 120 Hertz. Something you notice in pretty much every phone that’s moving up to the high refresh rate is a bigger battery. To keep up with it and so galaxy s 20 also does that moving from 3400 to a 4000 milliamp-hour battery on paper. That’s pretty good that’s a substantial gain it’s almost 20 % bigger and you also still have the wireless charging. And you have up to25 watt fast charging.

I’m comfortable with the battery at 120Hertz I mean you’ll see a difference between this and like the ultra. I think so I didn’t give you the fact that here you are using it at 120 Hertz it’s worth the trade-off 120 hours is that good. It feels like an even trade between high refresh rate and battery life. Meaning this phone got up to 4000 milliamp hours and didn’t really gain at on or lose a ton of battery life. The ultra still has better battery life with that even bigger battery but overall I’d give this phone.

A solid b-plus and then of course if you really want to save battery pro tip you can it’s like it comes out of the box of 60. Here it’s put pro tip you can switch it back down to 60 Hertz and you will gain tests say around 30 % battery life by switching down.


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